Welsh-Hungarian Friendship Day

14th May

Hungarian dancers celebrating with a Welsh town crier in Montgomery

Two Nations, One Story

On 14th May, we celebrate a remarkable story. The story of Welsh-Hungarian friendship.This heartfelt tale of two nations has transcended generations, formed communities, and lifted our spirits in the toughest of times - leaving an indelible mark on everyone it touched along the way.So come, let's raise a glass to the friendship that brought us all together. Celebrate with us on 14th May!

WHAT IS WELSH-HUNGARIAN FRIENDSHIP DAY?On 14th May 2022, hundreds gathered in the Welsh town of Montgomery to celebrate our cultural ties, in a historic event organised by Montgomery Town Council and Magyar Cymru, the Wales-Hungary initiative.To honour the legacy of this special day and celebrate our diverse cultural links, 14th May was declared Welsh-Hungarian Friendship Day.

Welsh and Hungarian bunting in Montgomery

What's On?

Here are just some of the ways people around Wales and Hungary are gearing up to celebrate Welsh-Hungarian Friendship Day.We'll be adding more and more activities over the coming weeks, so watch this space!Want to add your own activity? Tell us more and we'll spread the word about it!

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Get Involved!

From hosting an event to posting on social media, there are many ways to celebrate Welsh-Hungarian friendship this year.


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SUBMIT YOUR ACTIVITYGot any plans for Welsh-Hungarian Friendship Day? Perhaps you've marked the day already? Tell us more so we can spread the word!

GOT A QUESTION?Email Magyar Cymru at [email protected], or visit the Magyar Cymru website to learn more about Welsh-Hungarian friendship.